Pamper Your Immune System


I know my immune system is not the reliable, magnificent system it used to be because I have been experiencing reoccuring colds of a nightmare nature – 4 since the summer of ’14 and this morning I hit that Google button and learned that yes, it is a fact that the elderly immune system looses the ability to both detect and destroy antigens in the body. Be sure to check this info from the Merck Manuals as it lists the numerous changes in the system with age.

I knew something radical was happening because until last summer I had not had a cold or flu in over 25 years and I do not take flu shots and don’t intend to start. I’m hard on the track of massive immune support with a box of accumulating remedies and some of them are extremely helpful.

Days ago I awoke to almost non-stop sneezing – big sneezing! not the little sneeze most are familiar with. Then nasal congestion arrived and I knew the severe coughing would not be far behind. I took anti-congestion tabs, apple cider vinegar, vit C powder and tried something new to me: Wellness Formula. Within hours the cold was miraculously gone and I think it was the Wellness Formula that kicked it out.

Medical research finds the elderly are far more likely to get infectious diseases. “Respiratory infections, influenza and particularly pneumonia are a leading cause of death in people over 65.” There are much fewer T cells to fight infections and the elderly immune system loses its memory for the microbes it is intended to fight. Pretty scary; what can one do?

Harvard recommends Selenium, Vitamins A, B2, B6, C, D, E and Zinc along with Garlic, Ginsing and Probiotics for immune support. My recently compiled immune support against colds includes the following: Oscillococcinum; Elderberry in all its forms and applications; Wellness Formula; Sovereign Silver; Ultra Vir-X; nasal decongestant; Zeaxanthin; Benzonatate; Oregano oil and tabs. Of course I don’t take them all indiscriminately for each illness but rather according to what is taking place.

The initial cold illness occurred several days after a lifetime friend died suddenly at the age of 55. It was heartbreaking and according to the upcoming video could have been what opened the door for the diagnosis of mycoplazma pneumonia, a possibly deadly disease. I had no warning with this one – awoke with total laryngitis. It was a nightmare.

There is a rule I try to never break. The very minute I start sneezing or feel the slightest sign of a cold I immediately get busy with my little arsenal of wellness support. Usually it is in the middle of the night, 2 – 3 in the AM but I do not wait because I’ve found it will determine the outcome.

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