Avoid Strokes: Monitor Blood Pressure

Mom’s several strokes in her 80s gave me an interest in knowing more about the phenomenon: is it a hereditary condition? are there reliable preventative measures? and what treatment is available once the stroke has occurred? I already knew a trackable indicator – high blood pressure.

The blood pressure monitor I used for years recently died so yesterday I bought a new one that works beautifully. It fits on the wrist and is easy to use which I intend to do for several reasons. I like watching how levels of stress, food, visual input(tv) and meditation can raise the pressure. It’s the simplest way to monitor what is going on inside.

I have always had normal readings in the low range. I just got a reading and found I am now in the very upper range of normal. It can be a bit confusing, as one gets a different reading with each test but as long as it keeps returning to a normal reading from time to time I feel confident all is well. Which may be as expected since I have none of the life-style risks such as obesity, alcoholism, physical inactivity, cigarette smoking or heavy drug use . Mom had none of the above risks either although she did have a heart murmur (since birth) and congestive heart failure.

The DASH diet is is designed to lower high blood pressure and includes lots of grains, veggies and low fat yogurt. It focuses on foods with the power minerals: calcium, magnesium and potassium. It is also a diet for losing weight, which most of us would like to do.

I use too much salt; I love salt better than sweets which is saying a lot. And I have not been taking my usual Potassium and Magnesium supplements. This is ill advised since chemtrails are leaching potassium. Whatever your case watch the video at the conclusion of this post and you may be surprised to learn the signs of low potassium and low electrolytes in general.

I’m upping all the preventative measures for high-blood pressure; I can’t think of anything worse than having a debilitating stroke and being sentenced to a nursing home to live out my final days. Of course there are medical interventions if one gets to hospital within 3 hours. In the meantime it is considered advisable to take aspirin to prevent more strokes.


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