From the Snowman


I’ve always been a night person. It comes from being a nightclub singer and very involved in show business for many years. Long after career demands I continued with habit of taking a nap between 8 and 11PM and then catching a cab to various clubs around NYC, wherever Bobby Cole was playing. Years later in NM this trend continued with 2 AM run around, yoga and martial arts exercises. That urge disappeared about 2 years ago. Now I look to adversity to supply motivation for regular activities in a brutal winter; otherwise I think I might pile in under the covers with my dogs and meditate until springtime.

Instead I shovel the very heavy snow so my little dogs can get out into the yard for their business and I haul and heave wood for the wood stove which is the only source of heat. I maintain a fire with the enthusiasm of fire-keeper at a peyote ceremony. I am grateful for the forced labor without which I would not experience my usual activity level.

I think about Over70 friends slogging around barns and byways, caring for animals, livestock and pets in -10 degrees. It’s a hard road, but thousands are facing hurricanes, massive blizzards and toxic water. Climate change is having a powerful effect on all seasons. And should you wish to understand what is really underway google thermohaline conveyor belt, maunder minimum and next ice age. We may be old enough to avoid the weather flip that propels the planet into an extended cold period and that is certainly something for which to be most grateful, even for confirmed snowmen.

It’s time to put on the music and start dancing. 2Am and there’s ice on the windows and furniture is frozen ice-cubes. I know it’s time to jump into action when my desk radiates a frosty effect. The Frey or Cold Play…perhaps Bob Dylan, will give the inspiration to jump about until I break the icy effect. Just keep rocking along.

And that’s not the easiest thing to accomplish with a precious elder asleep in the middle of the floor .Lulu is 15+ which is real old for a dog. She has good times playing with the other two dogs and getting lots of pets but basically she is not doing well. She is the only senile, deaf, incontinent, whining elder I have known or taken cared of. She has been an incredible joy for over 13 years and it is a joy to try and make her end days as comfortable as possible.

Somehow one must create joyful moments throughout the day. Forced laughter is a great part time occupation when one is running out of options. Forced laughter is exercise for the innards. It demands internal expansion which is the MO of deep diaphragmatic breathing. Looks like the topic of a future blog. Meanwhile the following video on the Thermohaline Conveyer Belt is a must see.

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