Danger! Always Read Ingredients

I urge you: never take over-the-counter, or prescription drugs without knowing the full identity of what you are taking. The same is true for packaged food. Yes most readers may be aware of this warning but what do we do? Most of the time I read the ingredients but sometimes I forget to look: I am asleep and not living in the moment! I wrote about all things toxic in the appendix of my book Napoleon’s Bathtub and the situation is worsening everyday. Nothing has changed.

Once again I am on fire regarding a recent experience. I saw ads for a natural support for the kidneys, checked out the ingredients and found it contains the following chemicals which appear ill advised at best. It is so shocking.

The main ingredient is Phenazopyridine, a dye that acts as a pain killer to the lining of the urinary tract. Sounds good? Not so! It is not to be used with kidney and liver disease. Why would they do that? Create a kidney treatment out of a chemical known to have negative effects on the kidney and claim it to be natural in ads?

But that’s not all in this kidney treatment. Polyethylene glycol is on the list with a Google description of being a laxative that works by holding water in the stool and increasing the number of bowel movements.. So it lessens trips to urinate by increasing poop trips. It is also known to produce bloody stools and persistent diarrhea.

The internet is an incredible tool for investigating all sorts of ingredients. Most folks have smart phones these days so Google ingredients before taking this stuff. My general belief is if its not natural I’m not really interested. Of course medications for pain are a different story. Gotta get rid of the pain anyway possible.

And should your search be stopped by the phrase proprietary ingredients know it is not something you want to experience. They don’t want you to know what the product contains; I know they are not concerned with one stealing their recipe.

I am always on the look out for corn syrup which is found everywhere and in most unusual places. I don’t eat that horror. Read abut it! It’s a vast subject readily available for your inspection. And if you are trying to loose weight it is your deadliest enemy.

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  1. Thank you so much for this. I thought I was the only one shoveling pee places for Chihuahuas and hauling in the wood. KEEP THOSE HOME FIRES BURNING.

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