Where Are the 20 Million Meditators?

“Meditation is an intimate and intense exercise that can be done solo or in a group, and one study showed that 20 million Americans say they practice meditation. It has been used to help treat addictions, to clear psoriasis and even to treat men with impotence.”

Over 15 million are practicing Transcendental and other forms of meditation in America. Hard to believe these stats. I wonder what kind of lasting effect the 15 million experience in terms of daily expression in the real world. That many people can transform the universe.

All meditation involves consciousness without an object which is inner directed consciousness moving toward a place of total silence deep within, a place totally absent of ego and material desires. It is a place that fosters good health, mental stability and absence of ego driven desires. If untold millions are meditating how come we have a general population so totally obsessed with money, sex, booze and sadistic power.

While a teacher at NYU in the School of the Arts (ETW) I tried to teach my classes basic meditation techniques, telling them it is a fountain of creative ideas and realizations that might not appear in a life time without meditation. One day we had an incredibly successful experience with our group meditation and were sitting in a circle on the floor in quasi trance states discussing light streaming out of some and darkness out of others when suddenly one said: “This is great, but what do you do with it in the market place?” I said: “It isn’t marketplace mentality.”

Alas, my question ……if we have such a meditative society how come extremism, greed, intolerance, prejudice, dirty tricks and general ignorance control Congress, Supreme Court, State and local governments. Where are the meditators? Where are the folks standing for the best good for the most people? Where are the leaders that can see further than money in the bank?

I think of the incredible popularity of Trump as expressed in his 50,000 voter win in New Hampshire. He is a fountain of hatred and self aggrandizement growing more popular with each poll. And what about the Supreme Court ruling against climate change regulations and voting for industrial pollution, totally ignoring very evident signs of global warming? Doesn’t matter whether it’s caused by humans or a strange weather cycle, climate change is here now and ignoring it will only encourage melting glaciers, failing ocean conveyor belts, rising oceans, churning tornadoes and fiery droughts.

One of the main reasons I meditate is to contact and remain connected with the swirling stream of vibrations…………the oscillating energy fields communicating across the universe. I write about it in “Connecting with the Field” in my book Napoleon’s Bathtub and it is brilliantly presented in Taggart’s book The Field.

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