What Scares Are Blowing in the Wind?

Late summer and winter of 2015 I had a succession of strange flu like illnesses. I say strange because the first one was severe, appeared without warning, producing laryngitis and hacking cough, forcing a trip to Urgent Care where it was immediately diagnosed as micoplazma, a most unusual disease that can switch back and forth between virus and bacteria. Interestingly, I was told by Urgent Care there was an epidemic of micoplazma pneumonia in the area at the time.

The horror of it was the pathway it seemed to create for several flu like episodes that returned every few months for a total of 4 experiences. I though I was doomed, a product of my aged immune system which had always protected me with great vigilance. I had not had a respiratory illness in over 20 years and was in very good health – so it was quite shocking.

During this time I had been hiking everyday with my little dogs, forcing myself to go out on extremely windy days. I don’t like strong wind, never have and certainly not the kind of wind that blows across NM, whipping up dust visible from many miles away. I have worn wrap-around sunglasses for many years to protect my eyes.

I haven’t been ill for months now and I attribute it to my refusal to walk about in heavy winds. An unfortunate dilemma; winds in NM have increased astronomically over the past couple of years and 2016 is a real humdinger. Our spring winds are up in the 35 – 60 mph range, carrying all manner of particulate matter from all over the world.

Flu-like symptoms are a frequent response to airborn toxins ranging from pesticides, neurotoxins, chemtrails, virus’, bacteria, fire retardant, on and on according to Dr. Leonard Horowitz writing in Death in the Air and Emerging Viruses. Patients describe similar symptoms throughout his books.

Northern NM residents face possibilities for blowing biological weapons and radioactive particles. We live in the center of Star Wars research at Los Alamos, Sandia Labs and Kirtland Airforce base. Winds blowing north from Los Alamos carry all manner of deadly particulate matter. This should be obvious. In past years depleted uranium and beryllium were burned on site and carried for miles on blowing winds. Who knows what is coming out of there now,

Children and over70s are very susceptible to airborne toxins; our immune systems are not strong enough to withstand the bombardment of everything blowing in from California agriculture, Japan, Monsanto corn-lands, neighborhood Miracle Grow fertilizers, manure and sources mentioned earlier.

Flu-like symptoms seem to be a major clue that wind blown particulates are taking you down. It might be a good idea to always wear sunglasses that protect eyes and simple, coal filter face masks
when facing severe winds. Mds will definitely poo-poo the idea but they don’t have all the answers. If I had relied on the eye doctor for an iritis cure I would still be waiting. In fact he told me there was no cure for my reoccurring condition. Soon as I started wearing the wrap-arounds the condition stopped occurring.

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