Mindblowing “Proof” of Deadly Chemtrails; Please Watch!

The video posted above is a mind-blowing and must watch video. The first two speakers give basic info on the phenomenon. Then comes the mindblowing stuff regarding how aluminum in chemtrails, used to keep them aloft, is sitting on internal magnesium receptors and thereby replacing them, making it mandatory to take magnesium. Magnesium and potassium are perhaps the two most important minerals in the body. If you don’t know their importance – read up. Their absence can cause serious illness and death.

When I first moved to Taos back in ’95 I started writing about chemtrails. The Taos News wouldn’t publish anything so I posted on a local internet bulletin board, Laplaza and got no response from anyone. Then Bill Whaley started Horsefly journal and I started writing about them on a regular basis. You can find a copy of Poisoned Skies at Janeodin.com. Click on commentary and scroll down. You’ll find some interesting info.

The only initial response I received was from Mieshiel (Scott) Murray and his parents Pintki and John. Mieshiel and I did a project (I forget the name) at a local gallery and later Murray gave a presentation at TCA. Now a new group in Taos, Take Back Our Skyhas been doing a good job getting the word out. Sigrid Erika is the leader of this group. I hope they are receiving a better response than I did back in the ’90s.

Back then I pointed to chemtrails hundreds of times and had nothing but denials of what the viewers were very clearly seeing. I know folks who deny having said “you’re crazy; why would the government or anyone else spray the skies with toxic chemicals?” or “oh it’s just weather modification. Hope it brings rain” I have an astounding memory. I do believe the above video will clear the air with the truth of the matter. At last!

There is much info from noted authorities from several disciplines on the video. So much I didn’t know even with years of research etc. But the most horrifying blast is they are using nano particles to seed the sky-ways and we have no protection. The nanos can pass through face masks and absorb through the skin.Their admonition to take magnesium daily should be considered. I would also include potassium on that must take list.

Please check out the video. It’s a year old which is not a good sign regarding getting the news out. I haven’t seen anything on national news. Perhaps in another 10 years the media and other sleepy-time observers will discover the relevance of aluminum to the Alzheimer’s epidemic; aluminum is the culprit. At which point it may or may not become viral information.

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  1. What are they up too? My very best friends who live in New Jersey think that chemtrails are merely a myth because they heve never seen one. I told them that I will send photos. Today would have been a good day to have been in town with our cameras. They were very busy this morning. Thanks for posting and thanks for this blog Jane. It’s great.

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