Positive Change Vs Disintegration

Precision, passion, imagination returns to the body that remained basically still for several years. All it took was the magnificent Eye in the Sky by Alan Parsons Project to have me dancing again as in the days of yore. Yep, it’s all mental and much change is possible with inspiration.

The root of my current inspiration is a new yoga mat made of coil filled with a nut fiber. It’s hard as a rock yet soft compared to the bare floor. I’ve returned to a slow moving yoga and today when the first notes of Parsons rang out I went into a kind of trance, capable of feats of flexibility.

Much of today’s music doesn’t inspire me to great heights of anything and I’m not a fuddy-duddy musically. I taught a bunch of punk rockers and thought they were delightful. But there’s something about today’s pop music that just doesn’t resonate with me. Much is loud, melody-less and generally boring.

But then there’s a whole lot that doesn’t resonate such as the world zeitgeist which is an ode to all the attributes we used to hang on a dark, evil world to be avoided at all cost. But alas, now the grotesque hand of sadistic greed is contaminating all levels of society or so it seems when dark actions are glorified by press and public alike.

Haven’t been writing much lately, not because I’ve run out of words but rather because I can’t find anything positive or shining to convey about ongoing realities so instead I slip back into the joy of moment to moment reality which is freedom for my being.

I would probably hang out on the Thai yoga mat 24/7, but I must be sure to keep Lulu off, off, off. This mat will not accommodate dogs. I want it to maintain its glorious pristine state for as long as possible. Bunny and Rosie get the message but Lulu cannot be trusted so I must wait for her to go to sleep before I fall into the trance of painful stretching. She has a sneaky way of creeping onto the mat which interferes with my focus.

Regarding the realities swirling at every level of expression – politically, socially, environmentally, and spiritually – it amazes that we hope for change as we continue to do exactly what’s been done for endless decades. Isn’t that an accepted definition of insanity: to expect change while continuing in same behavior. The same equals change strategy is rampant at every level of society.

I recall a major caveat I shared with all my students at NYU and private music students: I cannot accept any excuses for failures to practice because the excuses will continue throughout time; today it is one reason, tomorrow it will be another and nothing will ever move in a positive direction. It may disintegrate but it will not change for your well being.

In the teaching arena I’ve truly seen it all. In the ’70s I experienced unbelievable success working with ghetto children at PS 64 in Alphabet City, NYC. No one looked over my shoulder, scrutinizing my teaching methods, since students were thriving at all levels. This was a school in the 2nd worse ghetto in NYC, the first being in the Bronx. And when I rode up on my bike – usually verging on late, the kids in the play-yards would scream Odin, Odin. What a joy it was and I still remember the full names of some of my dear 4th grade students. Perhaps I’ll write about their amazing transformations in future blogs.

I also had great success creating,(with 5 others) the NYU Experimental Theater program and teaching at NYU for 8 years. And several Georgia music students had great professional success. Then I moved to Taos, NM where I no longer teach. There’s nothing to teach. Everybody here is the world’s leading authority on whatever is under discussion + they do not tolerate change + they do not practice. Even at the 1st level of diaphragmatic breathing they never master it because they never practice. For years and years they have said “I am going to do it” instead of “I am doing it.” Oh well – not my business anymore.

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