Who Knows?

This used to be wayover70.com until I ignored the site for several years and somehow a foreign entity seems to have liked the name and is now charging $$ for various versions. So changed the name to living past 80.

Been looking around for facts about over 80 folks and of course it’s more difficult to find than over 78 studies when that was my pursuit. From time to time one runs across those who feel the elderly are thriving: living longer, better health care and lovely retirement facilities where everybody gets together for badminton, pool time and martinis. Sounds like fun but my deep concern is with the poor elderly, in bad health with no resources.

I am not a scholarly authority on this subject – I’m just living my 82 years, day to day, with what sometimes appears to be insurmountable, orbiting, unpredictable realities. So often there are no words to capture the out of control experiences that are outrageous and yet reveal so little because I don’t have a real diagnosis of my illness.

Fortunately there is a great master in our midst: Steven Jenkinson, certainly one of the most knowledgeable authorities on death and dying and all aspects of the death trade and palliative care. I implore you to watch the documentary Griefwalker on YouTube for free. He has written numerous books on various aspects of the subject. His latest Die Wise is very powerful.

It’s interesting and a little unsettling that many folks don’t want to discuss any aspect of death and dying. While most authorities on the subject say one must invite death to walk with you side by side every step of the way. And of course there are various preparations – psychological, medical, legal etc – one can consider through the years. And as the Dali Lama says – we are born to die.

Unfortunately, I never gave a thought to growing old until my 70s when the grim reaper blocked my path with his raucous tune: Good day to you; we’ve never met. But here I am with your regrets.We”re partners now until the end, laughing and dancing, favorite friends.

Castaneda writes of the definitive journey one must take at the end of life. He called this journey the trip into the active side of infinity. Every elder is guaranteed to find outstanding inspiration within the context of Castaneda’s books. He can change your life.

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