Cell Phones as Scary Brain Fryers

It’s a hideous development in the consciousness of humanity – with the scariest aspect of the smart phone/wireless phenomenon being our movement into the shadow world – which is a scientific fact: electrons are shredded from our cells (oxidation) by electromagnetic radiation – diminishing our personal light(aura), creating disease and anti-social behaviors.

Looking for electromagnetic frequencies circling my universe, I was fortunate to have a friend with an Accoustimeter which he used to determine electromagnetic frequencies in my house. It was an alarming experience for one trying to avoid the deadly emf for many years. (see Microwave Grid at taosfriction.com, written in 2010)

The Accoustimeter is quite impressive as you will learn by googling the device. It’s expensive but can be rented for 3+ days. It’s extremely user friendly with a detailed visual display and outstanding audio effects.

Strange sounds emanated from the device – a kind of background squabble indicating the ambient frequency. Strange for a home that had no cell phone and the wireless turned off. When the wireless was turned on the indicators turned red and moved into the danger level where connective tissue is affected. I was indeed shocked. I turned off the wireless and the meter returned to a more normal range.

At which point my friend demonstrated his Apple Smart Phone via the Accoustimeter. The indicators turned a throbbing red and went into the top register indicating extreme physical danger. The sounds made were truly scary: super loud squawking in various rhythmic configurations.

Years ago I had a dect phone; it was very convenient. The data on that device was shocking and I got rid of it after extensive research. Recently close friends finally got rid of their dect phone after learning it was probably responsible for crippling physical problems.

Pet lovers should note that a recent 7 hour, online seminar on Pet Cancer warns emf can be a powerful adversary to healing and maintaining good health. It seems obvious this would be true.

Dangers of cell-phone technologies has been known for decades yet folks can’t get the message. For example: ran into a friend in grocery store walking around with her smart phone turned on and resting next to her hip. I asked why it was turned on and she said she lived alone and needed the phone when in the stable at night, in case she has an accident. I replied “But you aren’t in the stable now.”

It was a surprising experience since she had read the current The Nation cover article: How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones are Safe: A Special Investigation by Mark Hertgaard and Mark Dowie which includes the following quote.
“The scientific evidence that cell phones and wireless technologies in general can cause cancer and genetic damage is not definitive, but it is abundant and has been increasing over time. Contrary to the impression that most news coverage has given the public, 90 percent of the 200 existing studies included in the National Institutes of Health’s PubMed database on the oxidative effects of wireless radiation—its tendency to cause cells to shed electrons, which can lead to cancer and other diseases—have found a significant impact, according to a survey of the scientific literature conducted by Henry Lai. Seventy-two percent of neurological studies and 64 percent of DNA studies have also found effects.”

And now we learn more details of future plans for 5G across America. According to The Nation: “Because 5G radiation can only travel short distances, antennas roughly the size of a pizza box will have to be installed approximately every 250 feet to ensure connectivity. “Industry is going to need hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of new antenna sites in the United States alone,” said Moskowitz, the UC Berkeley researcher. “So people will be bathed in a smog of radiation 24/7.”

You might wish to review: Cell Phones, Microwaves and the Human Health Threat found at https://www.technologyreview.com/s/423871/cell-phones-microwaves-and-the-human-health-threat/

Is Your Waistline Expanding Bigtime?

It didn’t used to be this way: one in three persons is obese and another third is overweight. That’s two-thirds of the population. The American Health Association considers reasons why we’re fattening up, but they fail to mention HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP and CORN SYRUP found in all processed foods, including meats.

I’ve known about this scourge for years but never knew HFCS is in all processed foods – everything. I discovered this recently when checking out foods from the Deli in Smith’s Grocery. The “super salad” looked so healthy until I asked the clerk to read the hidden ingredients. What a shock to learn it contained HFCS as did 8 other items checked. I never returned to the Deli and lost 7 pounds in 10 days. Impressive.

We love sweets, all kinds of sweet and the sweetest sweet is HFCS. Great news for food processors; it is much cheaper than sugar & also keeps foods moist. And so the obese epidemic was launched back in the ’80s and continues to expand, notwithstanding scientific studies proving excessive weight gain, verified by super fat rats in the Princeton Study. Of course the Monsanto National Corn Growers Association & similar groups advertise against this information.

The original definition of evil is to knowingly bring great harm to another individual and from that point of view there is much evil afoot in the food industry. A perfect example is the product Slim Fast which should be called Fat Faster because of ingredients including sugar, fructose and HFCS. Also surprised to find Thomas English Muffins on the HFCS list even thought it’s not included in the ingredients on the package.

Commercial corn has another major drawback. It is the major Monsanto GM product. No livestock will eat Monsanto grains if given a choice between GMO and organic. Instinctively cows know the difference which is more than we humans can discern. In some arenas cows are smarter than humans. Too bad Obama chose Michael Taylor, former vice-president of Monsanto to head the FDA and Roger Beachy, former director of the Monsanto Danforth Center to direct the USDA. Is it any wonder we are eating garbage and folks are sicker and more obese than ever?

As a majority of countries across the planet burned Monsanto crops and outlawed Monsanto GMO from their countries, Obama welcomed Monsanto into his administration and now, 2016, into our guts forever with passage of the Monsanto Protection Act, which is well worth a read.

Obesity is the #1 health issue of our time. If you are overweight you have a serious problem; it’s no little thing that can be ignored. To avoid everything with corn syrup, HFCS and corn starch it’s a good idea to cut out processed food, read ingredients, eat organic and avoid public school lunchroom foods, particularly if children are over weight.

The obesity plague affects most of us, even the shinnies, by driving the cost of health care higher and higher. But then – perhaps Obama Care will come to the rescue and pay for the ill health generated by HFCS and other Monsanto GM foods. Really?

(Regarding the video, you might wish to move the cursor forward to beginning of the main speaker.)

What Scares Are Blowing in the Wind?

Late summer and winter of 2015 I had a succession of strange flu like illnesses. I say strange because the first one was severe, appeared without warning, producing laryngitis and hacking cough, forcing a trip to Urgent Care where it was immediately diagnosed as micoplazma, a most unusual disease that can switch back and forth between virus and bacteria. Interestingly, I was told by Urgent Care there was an epidemic of micoplazma pneumonia in the area at the time.

The horror of it was the pathway it seemed to create for several flu like episodes that returned every few months for a total of 4 experiences. I though I was doomed, a product of my aged immune system which had always protected me with great vigilance. I had not had a respiratory illness in over 20 years and was in very good health – so it was quite shocking.

During this time I had been hiking everyday with my little dogs, forcing myself to go out on extremely windy days. I don’t like strong wind, never have and certainly not the kind of wind that blows across NM, whipping up dust visible from many miles away. I have worn wrap-around sunglasses for many years to protect my eyes.

I haven’t been ill for months now and I attribute it to my refusal to walk about in heavy winds. An unfortunate dilemma; winds in NM have increased astronomically over the past couple of years and 2016 is a real humdinger. Our spring winds are up in the 35 – 60 mph range, carrying all manner of particulate matter from all over the world.

Flu-like symptoms are a frequent response to airborn toxins ranging from pesticides, neurotoxins, chemtrails, virus’, bacteria, fire retardant, on and on according to Dr. Leonard Horowitz writing in Death in the Air and Emerging Viruses. Patients describe similar symptoms throughout his books.

Northern NM residents face possibilities for blowing biological weapons and radioactive particles. We live in the center of Star Wars research at Los Alamos, Sandia Labs and Kirtland Airforce base. Winds blowing north from Los Alamos carry all manner of deadly particulate matter. This should be obvious. In past years depleted uranium and beryllium were burned on site and carried for miles on blowing winds. Who knows what is coming out of there now,

Children and over70s are very susceptible to airborne toxins; our immune systems are not strong enough to withstand the bombardment of everything blowing in from California agriculture, Japan, Monsanto corn-lands, neighborhood Miracle Grow fertilizers, manure and sources mentioned earlier.

Flu-like symptoms seem to be a major clue that wind blown particulates are taking you down. It might be a good idea to always wear sunglasses that protect eyes and simple, coal filter face masks
when facing severe winds. Mds will definitely poo-poo the idea but they don’t have all the answers. If I had relied on the eye doctor for an iritis cure I would still be waiting. In fact he told me there was no cure for my reoccurring condition. Soon as I started wearing the wrap-arounds the condition stopped occurring.

The Force of Gravity is Increasing

Look around – determine for yourself. No testing done here – just simple observation. Skin, muscle. fat layers are falling, rolling down to the waist area, creating a round ball slogging down the path. It must be increasing gravity because I’ve weighed the identical amount for the past 7 years. What to do, what to do?

With extra dollars one can have a face and body-lift and yank all that skin back into place. But still it’s a futile struggle because within five years the skin will have dropped back into jowls, double chins and marionette mouths. It’s demoralizing. There isn’t much to be done about it – other than radically transforming one’s internal point of view.

Losing weight doesn’t solve the problem of accumulating rolls around the middle. Moderate daily exercise doesn’t touch it. Ten pounds lost and the rolls persist. I’m not interested in lifting weights at the local gym or getting a personal trainer. They both cost money and when one lives on SSI there is nothing left over for such luxuries.

And the face – what a scary sight. I force myself to apply organic face cream, certainly not one of the so called miracle $300 an oz creams. Never used them. But I’ve found nothing works as promised. How could they? All the models seen with so called rejuvenated faces are in their early 20’s; not hard to rejuvenate. Common sense says that when over70 there is basically little to do but love what one has and let go of past expectations.

Nothing lasts forever; we’re just a passing through. To ignore the change and pretend things the same, brings shock, pain and the blues. Ah, it’s so much easier to let it all go when reaching that certain age. No need to hoard past expectations of beauty and true romance cause there’s no way of returning to those precious moments long past.

There is some comfort knowing I am not alone in coping with the ravages of time. Basically it doesn’t matter in the greater scheme of things such as family, friends, good health and joyful endeavors. One of those joyful endeavors is getting to know oneself better with each passing day and letting go of everything you can’t take with you on the mysterious trip into infinity where the force of gravity will no long hold sway.

There is something to be done for the future. Take as much cash as possible out of the bank and squirrel it away before they close the doors and your money disappears into a very black hole. If you know about black holes – you know there is no return. It’s kinda like that gravity problem. Meanwhile google: banks deny withdrawals. It’s an interesting subject.

Medical Directives Are Very Important for Elderly

Wealthy folks with excellent health care and wishing to live forever may not find the joy in this information that prompted me to laugh and dance about with great happiness. I now feel so much better prepared for the future; Be Prepared has always been a highly respected motto.

I do not want under any circumstances to end up in the care of western medicine in a hospital or retirement home after having a stroke or heart attack. I’ve heard too many nightmare stories about way over 70 folks going into hospital with serious illness and coming out in much worse condition, particularly when on Medicaid. Often they end up in horribly depressing recovery elderly homes.

Have you visited one of these places where folks sit or lie around staring into space, eating horrible food with no quality recreation such as meditation and yoga therapy. Places where patients don’t even speak to each other when face to face at meal time. They are silent, pallid faced captives waiting to die. It is truly hideous.

I’ve had a medical directive for many years but always knew that in an emergency situation the EMTs attending my unconscious body would do everything to revive me and take me to hospital. Exactly what I do not want. A directive in my safety deposit box or a closet drawer was not going to do the job. Then I learned the process in other states and got busy creating it for myself since there is no statewide registry in New Mexico. They are a little behind on a lot of issues. to say the least.

In Oregon after your directive is recorded at your local hospital you receive a packet with various sized stickers and notices to put on your door and in your wallet and wherever responders might see your directive reference. So I brought the directive to my local hospital and they put it on file. Next I made up some notices in bold print which read as follows.

“Emergency Medical Directive
I have a medical directive that states: Do not resuscitate or take to hospital for any reason. The only assistance I want is pain meds if necessary. Copy of directive found at holy Cross Hospital, Centinel Bank safety deposit box and dresser drawer in closet.”

A copy of this statement is now taped to my front door and in a noticeable spot in my wallet. I feel prepared now for any eventuality. Sure hope it works; can’t imagine the alternative of living in a semi-vegetative state for the final days, weeks, years of my life.

I can’t believe anyone wants these circumstances yet millennials are very prone to allow family members to go through hellacious hospital experiences and/or to slowly rot in old age mausoleums. In this respect I am very fortunate. I have no living family members to imprison me in one place or another.

Of course it looks a little crazy for a very healthy person to have a notice of this nature taped to glass front door but that’s OK. Whatever is necessary to get the job done until there is a system here like exists in the very advanced state of Oregon. All states should have state wide registries. But somehow that might defeat the dreams of big pharma and western medicine in general.

HaHaHaHoHo Transforms Disease

I must remember to laugh more. Sometimes its not so easy in the insane word we navigate but then I remember it doesn’t need to be spontaneous, it can be created as an artificial expression and have great positive effects. LOL forever and ever. No better therapy in the world.

Laughter is the easiest, quickest method for achieving internal exercise almost effortlessly. I do enjoy the entertainers that make me laugh but I also know that manufactured laughter creates similar benefits by expanding one’s internal space. Perhaps I should post some reminders around the house: Laugh fool; the jokes on you! Laughter is remarkable therapy as Norman Cousins documented in Anatomy of an Illness where he tells of healing ankylosing spondylitis after Drs had given him 6 months to live.

He reasoned that if stress had made him ill, then laughter should make him feel better, and it did. Sometimes he was in extreme pain and couldn’t sleep but after 10 minutes of “bellyripping laughter” he could fall asleep. After 6 months of watching favorite comedies he was back at work and lived for 16 more years. What a powerful story; think about it: healing life threatening disease with laughter.

Why does laughter heal? The bottom line is expansion; expansion creates release, complete letting go. Internal release is important to well being and should be learned as a technique that can be applied anywhere under any circumstance. Science says laughter increases immune cell count, triggers the release of endorphins and lowers blood sugar levels.

Forced/pretended laughter quickly turns into the real thing. Try it out and notice how the waist expands with each sound. With a hearty laugh the entire body shakes. With all the horror in the world it might be a good idea to do this exercise from time to time throughout the day. It’s hard to feel sad or depressed while laughing.

Where does one find genuine laughter? Unfortunately sitcoms are not my thing. I’ve never been able to watch them. They all seem so forced and boringly strange. But Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Lewis Black, John Oliver, Robin Williams and many politicians cause the uncontrollable belly-laughts that send healing impulses throughout my tense and tightening body.

Of course my little dogs keep me giggling and most recently the little birdie that visited Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin filled me with joyful laughter and great hope. It renews a belief in miracles. Meanwhile, gotta keep laughing 24/7 in order to overcome the negativity in the world.

Memories, Mindfulness and Meditation

Events that occurred between the ages of 15 and 25 are recalled at a higher rate — what is referred to as the reminiscence bump — a finding that has usually been attributed to the greater salience or emotionality of the memories during this time period. This general pattern holds across all ages, suggesting that autobiographical memory is largely preserved with age. from Ch 1 of Brain Aging: Models, Methods and Mechanisms.

WayOver70 folks are often aware of memories interfering with moment to moment Mindfulness by flooding consciousness with long forgotten events, happenings, relationships and insights. The long-term memory flow is so much stronger with each year passing 70. Sometimes the insights can knock one off course by moving consciousness far, far away from ongoing moments. It’s interesting how we recall memories of what happened decades ago but can’t remember what happened yesterday.

Pop up memories of decades long past can be a great comfort or a lesson of invaluable insight but not so good for meditation when one strives to stay with the breath and not get lost in memories. This is the primary reason for focusing on breath in detail: inhale 1, 2, 3, 4; exhale 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or focusing on a mantra. This practice greatly improves concentration which sustains short term memory recall.

Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. When you’re mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to experience. What can we do when wishing to stay in Mindfulness and not become lost in yesterdays? Wide angle viewing shifts one back into the moment pronto. It happens when one shifts into wide-focus. Try it now and see how effective it is. Everything in view is a little fuzzy but equal in visual importance; nothing stands out. For some reason this mode of viewing discourages long-term memory returns and allows one to run the monologue of moment to moment reality so well explored in Ouspensky’s In Search of the Miraculous and many other masters.

Concentration is important to both Mindfulness and meditation. When one does not have good concentration, research shows that short term memory is often affected. Science says it is because of chronic stress producing high levels of cortisol which reduces the ability to produce new memories and thereby creates senior moments. The way to reduce possibilities of dementia is through avoidance of high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and depression in mid-life. Since meditation is known to improve all of the above problems along with improving concentration and reducing stress, it is a perfect therapy for all of us.

Another problem interfering with the ability to concentrate and memory is obesity. A 27 year study of 10,000 OBESE men and women in middle age revealed a 74% increase in dementia This study published in the British Medical Journal indicates a mandatory need for a Mediterranean-style diet with lots of fatty fish AND adequate daily exercise. Adequate exercise is suggested as ½ hour of walking which can be done anywhere including at home in circles or however.

Meditation is well known to reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure and memory loss. Many studies are available online supporting its importance for a meaningful elder life and indicating a need for its presence in elder care such as nursing and retirement homes. I would say that a facility that does not offer meditation training and development is not up to date, and may not be current in other amenities.

When one is in the present moment of Mindfulness there is no past or future. When learning to practice Mindfulness we practice one thing at a time. When drinking coffee, only drink coffee and so forth with all activities and you will be resting in the eternal present. Or as Ram Das writes in Still HereThe moment is the doorway into eternity.” It is a timelessness that embraces both the past and the future.

More On Pogo-stick Walking


According to the CDC over 18,000 people die a year from fall related injuries; over 700,000 are hospitalized from falls producing head injury and hip fracture. Those are scary statistics particularly for those of us who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking across mountainous terrain.  Balance is the primary feature of a safe arrival and this is achieved through body alignment, a low center of gravity, diaphragmatic breathing and bending knees.

A low center of gravity and noticeably bent knees are central to all athletic training. When body weight is centered in the pelvis instead of the high chest, the feet become simultaneously heavy and light. One is sure footed and sensitive to holes in the terrain or obstacles in the path.

When speaking of “bent knees” I don’t mean knees bent like Groucho Marx. The knee should give just a little into a slight bend as one steps onto the foot. Also – when standing, one’s knees should be slightly bent instead of locked straight. Observe a side view of yourself in a mirror, focusing on the lower back. With straight knees you will have a sway back which corrects itself soon as the knees are bent slightly.

An easy way to test balance is to stand near a stable table barefooted and with eyes closed. Lift a foot at least 8 inches off the surface and see how long you can maintain balance. Do it with both feet, one at a time of course, making sure there is something nearby to grab hold of in case you teeter about.

When walking listen to the sound of the feet hitting the surface. A thud sound indicates the entire foot is hitting at once instead of rolling through heel – ball – toe. Observe yourself walking toward a mirror. Each side of your body should be a mirror image of the other side. One side should not be higher or lower than the other. The head should rest in a straight line with the pelvis; not a little in front of the pelvis.The arms swing an equal amount and in similar fashion. Do you waddle side to side kind of like a duck? This problem is particularly noticeable in the overweight group. Imagine a rope attached to the pelvis, pulling slowly forward as you roll through heel, ball, toe.

Physical therapists agree that once you fall it is much easier to fall again. It’s as though a pathway is made to repeat behavior; kinda strange but noted in most studies on the subject. So at least be sure to do the barefoot balancing test mentioned above and determine your physical balance. It may be something you need to work on. It could save you life. Specific exercises are given in earlier post: “How Are You Walking?”

If you are entrenched in pogo-stick walking it can be somewhat difficult to embrace a pelvic centered walk. You have been encouraging a high resting point for your chi (body’s vital energy), making one very top heavy. Maintaining a relaxed and balanced walking style depends on hooking into the pelvic region which initially can be unsettling because it’s the total opposite feeling of what you are used to and we strongly resist change.

Hara, The Vital Center of Man by Karlfried Von Durckheim was the only required reading for classes I taught at NYU. It goes into scholarly detail regarding the philosophy and practice of living from the Hara, which is the point a few inches below the navel. Read it as a spiritual and you will have a good feeling for the experience of being centered in this area of the body. All of this information is greatly expanded in my book Napoleon’s Bathtub.

Breathe, Release, Expand = Paradise

Almost every malfunction in the physical body is initiated, aggravated, or sustained by stress. Our bodies get away from us like a stampeding herd and create a series of responses prompted by radical contraction which interferes with most functions in the body. Experience the process first hand by actively pulling inward with your muscles until you feel like a piece of furniture.

Notice how the breathing stops and the belly area feels frozen. It’s impossible to breath diaphragmatically because the diaphragm won’t drop to draw in air. Everything is rigid, restricted, held back. Many of us are walking around in this state 24/7 and the effect is devastating. One becomes a metal square moving through space and time instead of a flowing stream caressing the environment – the implications should be evident.

Change at every level is called for and most importantly – allowing for enjoyment, fun and play every day. Taking the time to travel within and discover what is really going on in terms of how one feels. Are you in the process of contraction or expansion? What can be done to stop the upward spiraling contraction madness that grabs hold of everything negative in our physiological process.

Diaphragmatic breathing lowers blood pressure and stabilizes the heart beat. This can be seen by way of a blood pressure monitor. Take a reading in your usual state with high chest breathing and contraction under way. Then go through the very simple exercises below and watch blood pressure and heart rate lower. I know it works because I’ve performed the little experiment with many students. You will be amazed.

First it’s good to become familiar with the feeling of RELEASE. Lie on the floor and starting at the feet tighten the body, moving upward until reaching the head at which point let go of everything simultaneously. Do this process several times until you can feel the difference between the two states of being.

Next, practice Zen breathing until you can maintain it for a long period. Under the condition of release and zen breathing take your blood pressure and find how much the numbers have gone down. Imagine what it will feel like to live in this expanding state on a regular basis.

And here’s the rub…..it seems to be a difficult process for the elderly. I had great success with my NYU university students but with older friends no so much. After many years of constant illness and discomfort and much $ spent on esoteric medical treatments they continue to practice high chest breathing and find no relief from daily discomfort.

You will find numerous videos on this subject at Youtube; type diaphragmatic breathing for stress control.

Acid vs Alkaline Controversy

Been thinking about Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg, and all the valuable work he did in physiology way back in the 1930s. He received his award in 1931 for research on cell respiration and was nominated for the award 2 other times for work on the origin of cancer; what this great genius discovered should be part of everyone’s dining habits.

Cancer thrives in an acidic environment. Yes, this is common knowledge in the medical world or at least it was back in the ’70 at the enormous 3 day Cancer Conference sponsored by Pir Viliayat Inayat Khan and the Sufi Order of the West. The conference was attended by what seemed to be 1000s, filling an enormous hall in an upscale hotel in midtown NYC. The speakers were the top cancer researchers in the world and they all had the same thing to say: CANCER CANNOT LIVE IN AN ALKALINE ENVIRONMENT.

The big running joke of the conference was: if it sinks you’re sunk referring to poop in the water. The speakers were careful to say it should rest just below the water line; not above or way below. I can find no reference to this conference online – I guess because it took place long before the internet became popular.

In today’s world there is much controversy regarding acid/alkaline balance in disease prevention, particularly cancer. As usual and always there are two sides to every question. So look at the research, various statistical relationships and in the final analysis let your intuition be your guide. And in the meantime you might try alkalizing your diet, particularly if you have reoccurring digestion or chronic bowel problems. It’s easy to check out by eliminating certain foods for a month or so and see if digestion discomforts improve. It would certainly be advised to take pro and pre biotics and eat onions, garlic, sweet potato and other foods that increase the good bacteria in the lower gut.

You might want to check out Herman Aihara’s Acid and Alkaline published in 1980 which covers all aspects of this subject. You will find it interesting to note that eggs, meat, cheese, whiskey and sugar are acid forming while vegetables, fruits, brown rice and coffee are alkaline forming. That is why the hippies in the East Village always served marvelous rice and veggie combos back in the ’60s.

I drink alkalized water and find it tastes so much better than normal water. It is smoother with a fuller body which makes a big difference when one must drink lots of water because of dehydration or other problems. And using Ph-strips to determine acidity proves most interesting.

I have been a vegetarian of sorts for many years; I eat no red meat of any kind and have not since 1960. I continue to be free of digestive problems at least to my knowledge, which is good enough for me. I’ve also had a reliable and highly functioning immune system all my life. I believe the absence of red meat has contributed to my good health. I also avoid all corn products in particular corn syrup and GMOs and I have never eaten fast food.