Taos Town Council Slithers Into Dictatorship

The universal zeitgeist is extremely right wing and proud of it. And it’s not just Washington, London and Paris. This mentality is spreading its tentacles into every nook and cranny of our lives. It certainly isn’t hard to see the ramifications in Taos where government is in dictatorship mode.

Transparency loses in Taos as some meetings go private by Ken Manning details in the 6/23 Taos News how Taos Town Council voted to amend the town code regarding public meetings, restricting the public from attending meetings of the Development Review Committee. “Town Manager Rick Bellis was adamant that the public be cut out.” Guess he and 3 other council members, including the mayor were generally pissed at losing their effort to expand Smith’s Grocery and locate cheap housing across an enormous expanse of open green pasture land with historical significance. Did I mention that the location was in the center of town?

Appearing in the My Turn section, the article explains the new restrictions: “The public would no longer be able to attend meetings, nor be made aware that such meetings were to occur.” No agenda will be posted; no minutes will be taken. The town attorney told them closed meetings violate NM Open Meetings Act and the Town Council ignored him.

Strangely enough Taosanos don’t seem to give a rat’s ass. I received no replies from locals to posts made on Facebook. And the folks I talked with in person were not interested in even reading about the matter so I contacted the man always in the know – Bill Whaley – and asked what on earth is happening and he replied: “We have entered a new era of profound apathy. You can’t lead this horse to water, he or she ain’t thirsty.” (Check out Bill’s online political journal at Taosfriction.com).

The purpose of the Development Review Committee is “to meet regularly with developers to discuss how proposed developments can be approved.” Why would they want to bring extreme uglies to a unique, culturally rich community if not for some kind of kick-back from development siting, whether a big box Walmart or one more fast food restaurant or Family Dollar?

My hackles have always gone up when encountering dictatorships that forcibly promote developers and corporate entities. But apathy in the face of such hideous control is beyond comprehension. Somehow it reminds one of the Germans living downwind of concentration camps ignoring the odor of burning flesh and pretending to smell nothing. Yes that is an extreme comparison but apathy toward dictatorship is identical in function, or so it seems to this writer.

Have never been able to understand the quality of local government representing this community. It’s been an unfortunate array of questionable mentality for decades, but never has such disrespect of residents occurred to my knowledge. Fortunately, in Taos the people always rule – one way or another. They have a history of stopping the uglies just as they stopped the expansion of Walmart and Smiths. I am confident the locals will awaken and take action in a timely manner. The news regarding Town Council slithering will sneak past their restrictions one way of the other. All will be revealed.

Birds of a Feather


Remember the old saying dating back to Plato birds of a feather flock together; those birds are crawling out of the woodwork now to support Trump. Millions of them are voting for their mirror images and reinforcing longings for Trump’s realities and objectives. This is the scariest part of the scenario: the millions who admire this fascist baboon, and I choose my words with great care.

1/4 of the population known as Tea Party members are surely among his supporters. These folks are described as over 50, educated, upper middle class, racist, church attending Christians who over-populate California, Texas, Florida, Ohio and New York. The lowest density is in North Dakota, Vermont, South Dakota, Rhode Island and Dist of Columbia. Interesting to note Ted Cruz is an active member of the Tea Party. So one doesn’t have much choice within the Republican line-up.

Another arena of support for Trump and Clinton is the deep south with the unifying factor being Evangelical Christianity. I grew up in the south and returned there to run a newspaper for eight years. I can say from personal experience: it is a racist, backward arena full of brainwashed born again Christians. So of course many of the early primaries occur in these overpopulated (more votes) landscapes of Dark-Age thinking. The locations have been chosen by the 1% in control of almost everything in America and they know oh so much about Christian ethics and how to pull the chains of prejudice.

I find Christianity an unfortunate institution along with all religions that perpetuate violence in the world. Shocking conclusion? I don’t think so, as witnessed by history of religion and American politics throughout the ages. The veil has been lifted in the 21st Century and it will be hard to ignore the facts vibrating around us. The Internet and social media have recorded the ugly realities for all to see. I continue to wonder why Christians haven’t found the plug into the spirit of love as the philosophy of Jesus in the New Testament. Wouldn’t it be great if Christians practiced what Jesus preached? All their hideous prejudice would be gone in a flash and control-freak mentality would melt into unconditional compassion for all life.

1985, driving across the south on my return to Georgia I remember so clearly….. thinking – there’s a church on every corner of settled real estate; this place must glow in the dark. Wrong! Oh how wrong. No way could I have been prepared for Christian ethics. Yes indeedy, I could tell stories about preachers vocalizing unimaginable prejudice against blacks, gays, women – and politicians advocating and implementing the very worse environmental policies and proud of it. And like most freely elected demigods they imprison their faithful in Christian dogma employed to control the believers. Politicians and preachers know how to work all systems. And on it goes throughout time – decade after decade, century after century.

How can born-again Christians vote for a man Jesus would have thrown out of the temple along with the merchants and bankers(money changers)? How can Christians vote for Republicans who are well known adversaries against the poorest of the poor, Social Security, obvious global warming, elderly care, single payer health insurance, gay rights, pro-choice on and on. It is said the favorite news channel for born-again Christians and the elderly is Fox news; how terribly unfortunate. I don’t watch Fox news, it makes me sick but word has it folks treasure their Fox. How come? How can you support those working against our best interests at every possible level?

Bernie says his religion is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” as Jesus spoke in the Sermon on the Mount. Interestingly, Mosaic law has a similar admonition: “Whatever is hurtful to you, do not do to any other person.” Think about it Christians when deciding who you will vote for; listen carefully to self-serving statements and make wise decisions.

It’s important to observe body language when viewing the presidential debates. Much is revealed in gesture and facial expression. That’s why in an earlier post I suggested turning off the sound and viewing facial expression. Having canvassed friends it seems much of this valuable info is being missed by listening primarily to words. For example, after Bernie’s concluding remarks at the Miami debate Hillary was filmed laughing directly at the cheering crowd giving him a standing ovation. It was an arrogant, smirky smile full of disrespect for the people at large. She and George Bush were very good at creating this particular look. It gets to the heart of the matter.

According to Langer Research Associates Clinton has a problem with honesty and trustworthiness and yet folks generally prefer her personality to Sanders, a strange oxymoron indicating some find deception an attractive personality trait. Isn’t it amazing the extreme difference in perception regarding evidence in plain view. Once again I urge you to watch all the candidates without sound and also look at what they have stood for through the years. For example Clinton is known as the Bride of Frankenfood because of her support of Monsanto and GMOs. Good heavens! Even livestock always choose non GMO grains when given a choice between the two.

Supposedly over 78% of America is Christian. Please excuse the platitude but actions do speak louder than words and current world opinion finds America supporting fascist ideals and lacking in compassion for the disadvantaged wherever they may be. Facilitating world bankers creating the 1% in control of America’s destiny is not compatible with New Testament Christianity.

For the first time since FDR we have the opportunity to transform our landscape by voting for a man of and for the people. Bernie has a lifetime record of standing against war and fighting for the masses. And here’s hoping there are enough birds of a feather to sail him onto victory.
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