Rattlesnakes Are On the Move Again


Spring, fall and winter have always been preferred over summer……never a favorite. But nowadays spring is on the hot side and rattlesnakes are on the move again. Recently got word of numerous sightings and yes I find it a little alarming. Two years ago my chihuahua was bitten, with fang marks on each side of her ankle. She probably didn’t see the dastardly creature; I sure didn’t. Eighteen years with no snake encounters and all of a sudden they’re everywhere. Kinda in keeping with the times in general I guess.

I recall that June afternoon two years ago as though it was yesterday. Bunny was in her enclosed yard for approximately 15 minutes before appearing at the door with a sausage sized back leg. I thought a spider bit her; rattlers were not on my mind. They should have been: a neighbor’s dog had been bitten several weeks earlier.

We rushed to the vet office where Dr.Felser pointed out it was not a spider bite. Fang marks were evident with venom still dripping from the two holes. The process of saving her was a nightmare. The swelling went down in hours but the extreme pain remained for more than a month. So I’m currently in rattler prevention mode; lots to do!

Rattlers can’t see or hear. They sense vibrations as threat to life so mole repeller stakes have been put in place beneath the ground around the fence line. They are vibing: danger, stop where you are! Now I’m working on this years addition to my snake offensive: Osha Root.

Snakes have an excellent sense of smell. It is their primary sense and one of the odors they hate the most is Osha Root. Native American runners tied Osha Root to their moccasins for protection against the poisonous strike. Sounds like a great idea.

Breaking up the very hard root demands a sharp hacker. The larger pieces are attached to waxed cord and hung from the fence at ground level. Powder and chips are sprinkled along the fence line, dropping down into the dry grass. hopefully it won’t blow away.

Found some tiny, porous medicine pouches to fill with Osha chips and attach to dog halters. I have no idea if this is going to work but I’m willing to try anything. Anything! Which reminds me: activated charcoal is needed to absorb the venom while racing to the vet office. I have the homeopathic remedies ready to go. They were very helpful throughout the first experience.

The snake threat does change the daily hiking experience. Bunny loves to race through the forest of high grass and undergrowth. I cannot allow my fears to restrict our greatest pleasures together. I’ve been hiking with dogs for 16 years with no problems. It takes meditative focus to keep one life threatening experience from ruining our romping about in the great outdoors.

I look forward to that first deep frost in the fall. It means the slitherers will take refuge and my little dogs will be safe once again. Right now I need a soothsayer to cast a radical spell across the land. Seriously.

Thinking about soothsayers reminds me of the ancient Egyptians who called ravenous rattlers demons and made them the guardians of the 12 gates in the after-world. If the demon snakes determined one’s heart impure the trip toward Osiris was ended only to begin anew with the next sunrise in hell. I’m sure snakes were well chosen for the job.

Mindblowing “Proof” of Deadly Chemtrails; Please Watch!

The video posted above is a mind-blowing and must watch video. The first two speakers give basic info on the phenomenon. Then comes the mindblowing stuff regarding how aluminum in chemtrails, used to keep them aloft, is sitting on internal magnesium receptors and thereby replacing them, making it mandatory to take magnesium. Magnesium and potassium are perhaps the two most important minerals in the body. If you don’t know their importance – read up. Their absence can cause serious illness and death.

When I first moved to Taos back in ’95 I started writing about chemtrails. The Taos News wouldn’t publish anything so I posted on a local internet bulletin board, Laplaza and got no response from anyone. Then Bill Whaley started Horsefly journal and I started writing about them on a regular basis. You can find a copy of Poisoned Skies at Janeodin.com. Click on commentary and scroll down. You’ll find some interesting info.

The only initial response I received was from Mieshiel (Scott) Murray and his parents Pintki and John. Mieshiel and I did a project (I forget the name) at a local gallery and later Murray gave a presentation at TCA. Now a new group in Taos, Take Back Our Skyhas been doing a good job getting the word out. Sigrid Erika is the leader of this group. I hope they are receiving a better response than I did back in the ’90s.

Back then I pointed to chemtrails hundreds of times and had nothing but denials of what the viewers were very clearly seeing. I know folks who deny having said “you’re crazy; why would the government or anyone else spray the skies with toxic chemicals?” or “oh it’s just weather modification. Hope it brings rain” I have an astounding memory. I do believe the above video will clear the air with the truth of the matter. At last!

There is much info from noted authorities from several disciplines on the video. So much I didn’t know even with years of research etc. But the most horrifying blast is they are using nano particles to seed the sky-ways and we have no protection. The nanos can pass through face masks and absorb through the skin.Their admonition to take magnesium daily should be considered. I would also include potassium on that must take list.

Please check out the video. It’s a year old which is not a good sign regarding getting the news out. I haven’t seen anything on national news. Perhaps in another 10 years the media and other sleepy-time observers will discover the relevance of aluminum to the Alzheimer’s epidemic; aluminum is the culprit. At which point it may or may not become viral information.

Impermanence and Philosophical Materialism

“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Still Here, Embracing Aging, Changing and Dying is a joyful read and a revelation as Ram Dass encounters identical moments we all experience way over 70. It’s liberating to know we are not alone in our observations and personal struggles with the ravages of time.

It seems we all experience the horror revealed by unexpected encounters with our reflection………..yikes, who’s that old ninny staring at me? And we become exhausted from the simplest activity in comparison to what used to be. Ram Dass told an elderly friend she needed to put “lying down” on her list of things to do instead of fretting over lack of energy to accomplish her wish list .

It is not aging that creates our suffering but how the mind deals with the world’s vision of us and how we handle the physical changes that occur after 70. We suffer from what Ram Dass calls philosophical materialism which limits reality to what we perceive with our senses: if we can’t see it, smell it, taste it, hear it, feel it, then it doesn’t exist. But eternity has always worked with fabrications, or as Einstein discovered Energy = Mass and vice-versus. We need to look at reality from as many angles as possible and hold on to what makes us feel good. If it works use it, if not let it go and create another reality. It works; I’ve been doing it for decades.

Nothing will ever be as it was in past decades; let go of worn out dreams and longings for the past to return. Ram Dass recommends mindfulness meditation which focuses on breath as the method for inner directed journeys which facilitate living in the moment. Achieving moment to moment reality is a marvelous pursuit and quite difficult to sustain but more than worth the effort.

Mindfulness is a simple process that demands total concentration. Ouspensky writes of this aspect in In Search of the Miraculous when he describes Gurdjieff’s lesson to monitor every movement and observation on the walk to his studio for class. Stepping left foot, right foot; seeing the tree, the sidewalk. was usually forgotten as passing dramas captured the way. They would forget the task at hand – sometimes for days – and suddenly wake-up realizing the moment to moment objective had been forgotten.

Ram Dass recommends conscious aging with deeply involved meditation on the impermanent nature of all material life and non-attachment toward the body and all change in the material world. No need to worry about the past or dread the future. When we stay in the moment we are free from the Ego’s desire and in touch with our soul-energy’s journey. Buddhism teaches the master class in impermanence. You might want to check it out and be sure to read Still Here.

Where Are the 20 Million Meditators?

“Meditation is an intimate and intense exercise that can be done solo or in a group, and one study showed that 20 million Americans say they practice meditation. It has been used to help treat addictions, to clear psoriasis and even to treat men with impotence.”

Over 15 million are practicing Transcendental and other forms of meditation in America. Hard to believe these stats. I wonder what kind of lasting effect the 15 million experience in terms of daily expression in the real world. That many people can transform the universe.

All meditation involves consciousness without an object which is inner directed consciousness moving toward a place of total silence deep within, a place totally absent of ego and material desires. It is a place that fosters good health, mental stability and absence of ego driven desires. If untold millions are meditating how come we have a general population so totally obsessed with money, sex, booze and sadistic power.

While a teacher at NYU in the School of the Arts (ETW) I tried to teach my classes basic meditation techniques, telling them it is a fountain of creative ideas and realizations that might not appear in a life time without meditation. One day we had an incredibly successful experience with our group meditation and were sitting in a circle on the floor in quasi trance states discussing light streaming out of some and darkness out of others when suddenly one said: “This is great, but what do you do with it in the market place?” I said: “It isn’t marketplace mentality.”

Alas, my question ……if we have such a meditative society how come extremism, greed, intolerance, prejudice, dirty tricks and general ignorance control Congress, Supreme Court, State and local governments. Where are the meditators? Where are the folks standing for the best good for the most people? Where are the leaders that can see further than money in the bank?

I think of the incredible popularity of Trump as expressed in his 50,000 voter win in New Hampshire. He is a fountain of hatred and self aggrandizement growing more popular with each poll. And what about the Supreme Court ruling against climate change regulations and voting for industrial pollution, totally ignoring very evident signs of global warming? Doesn’t matter whether it’s caused by humans or a strange weather cycle, climate change is here now and ignoring it will only encourage melting glaciers, failing ocean conveyor belts, rising oceans, churning tornadoes and fiery droughts.

One of the main reasons I meditate is to contact and remain connected with the swirling stream of vibrations…………the oscillating energy fields communicating across the universe. I write about it in “Connecting with the Field” in my book Napoleon’s Bathtub and it is brilliantly presented in Taggart’s book The Field.

From the Snowman


I’ve always been a night person. It comes from being a nightclub singer and very involved in show business for many years. Long after career demands I continued with habit of taking a nap between 8 and 11PM and then catching a cab to various clubs around NYC, wherever Bobby Cole was playing. Years later in NM this trend continued with 2 AM run around, yoga and martial arts exercises. That urge disappeared about 2 years ago. Now I look to adversity to supply motivation for regular activities in a brutal winter; otherwise I think I might pile in under the covers with my dogs and meditate until springtime.

Instead I shovel the very heavy snow so my little dogs can get out into the yard for their business and I haul and heave wood for the wood stove which is the only source of heat. I maintain a fire with the enthusiasm of fire-keeper at a peyote ceremony. I am grateful for the forced labor without which I would not experience my usual activity level.

I think about Over70 friends slogging around barns and byways, caring for animals, livestock and pets in -10 degrees. It’s a hard road, but thousands are facing hurricanes, massive blizzards and toxic water. Climate change is having a powerful effect on all seasons. And should you wish to understand what is really underway google thermohaline conveyor belt, maunder minimum and next ice age. We may be old enough to avoid the weather flip that propels the planet into an extended cold period and that is certainly something for which to be most grateful, even for confirmed snowmen.

It’s time to put on the music and start dancing. 2Am and there’s ice on the windows and furniture is frozen ice-cubes. I know it’s time to jump into action when my desk radiates a frosty effect. The Frey or Cold Play…perhaps Bob Dylan, will give the inspiration to jump about until I break the icy effect. Just keep rocking along.

And that’s not the easiest thing to accomplish with a precious elder asleep in the middle of the floor .Lulu is 15+ which is real old for a dog. She has good times playing with the other two dogs and getting lots of pets but basically she is not doing well. She is the only senile, deaf, incontinent, whining elder I have known or taken cared of. She has been an incredible joy for over 13 years and it is a joy to try and make her end days as comfortable as possible.

Somehow one must create joyful moments throughout the day. Forced laughter is a great part time occupation when one is running out of options. Forced laughter is exercise for the innards. It demands internal expansion which is the MO of deep diaphragmatic breathing. Looks like the topic of a future blog. Meanwhile the following video on the Thermohaline Conveyer Belt is a must see.

Huckster Scammers

imagesOver70s are notoriously targeted by scammers with endless schemes to steal our financial resources. Best to know and remember: NOTHING IS FREE; THERE ARE NO MIRACLE CURES, NO ANTI- AGE FACE CREMES, NO GET RICH QUICK successes. Fortunately I’ve never been taken in by a hucksters but they are everywhere. I sometimes unplug my land phone in order to avoid constant interruptions by telemarketers and phony IRS agents. Fortunately I’ve never had a problem hanging up the phone in someones face.

How could anyone donate money to strangers on the phone claiming to represent firemen, police, veterans, cancer victims and on and on. With all the hucksters around one has NO clue as to where donations really go or what is done with them. There are reported scams by Red Cross, ASPCA, Haiti Relief and MDs have committed some of the most evil scams known.

Another type of hustle is the Publisher’s Clearing House $5000 a week for life. It’s obvious you will not experience the fantasy-win without buying a bunch of stuff, even tho they say not so. My dear, intelligent mom had a large closet full of trashy Family Dollar type stuff which she never opened – purchased via Publisher’s Clearing House in hopes of winning big. I would say there’s never been a winner who was not first a purchaser.

And then we find the free-trial-offer scam. They are everywhere on the internet and TV. Just today I ran into one for a pet product guaranteed to help with arthritic conditions Fortunately I read the fine print and learned the following: if you did not contact them within 14 days with a cancellation of the product you would be charged $70 for the free bottle and $80+ forever into the future.
They give the phone # to call for cancellation but there is also the admonition of “high call volume” which means: good luck trying to reach them.

The reasons why Over70s are targeted is fairly obvious. Many have savings, own homes and are trustful. Others are near the end of their resources and looking to gamble a little to possibly gain a lot. And everything is a throw of the dice when dealing with corporate schemers. I’m thinking of ruses employed to draw the consumer into the fold only to change the rules after one has signed on. My first experience with this legal scamming was when I signed up with Blue Cross at one price only to have it continuously raised approximately every 6 months. This was back in 2000.

When I turned 65 and received all the info from Medicare I studied the booklets for a week and wondered what I was to think after reading a sentence that said all rates can be raised without due notice to the insured. That little bit of info really stuck with me and I determined to avoid western medical care. And what will I do should I become critically ill? That will be the subject of future blogs.