The Force of Gravity is Increasing

Look around – determine for yourself. No testing done here – just simple observation. Skin, muscle. fat layers are falling, rolling down to the waist area, creating a round ball slogging down the path. It must be increasing gravity because I’ve weighed the identical amount for the past 7 years. What to do, what to do?

With extra dollars one can have a face and body-lift and yank all that skin back into place. But still it’s a futile struggle because within five years the skin will have dropped back into jowls, double chins and marionette mouths. It’s demoralizing. There isn’t much to be done about it – other than radically transforming one’s internal point of view.

Losing weight doesn’t solve the problem of accumulating rolls around the middle. Moderate daily exercise doesn’t touch it. Ten pounds lost and the rolls persist. I’m not interested in lifting weights at the local gym or getting a personal trainer. They both cost money and when one lives on SSI there is nothing left over for such luxuries.

And the face – what a scary sight. I force myself to apply organic face cream, certainly not one of the so called miracle $300 an oz creams. Never used them. But I’ve found nothing works as promised. How could they? All the models seen with so called rejuvenated faces are in their early 20’s; not hard to rejuvenate. Common sense says that when over70 there is basically little to do but love what one has and let go of past expectations.

Nothing lasts forever; we’re just a passing through. To ignore the change and pretend things the same, brings shock, pain and the blues. Ah, it’s so much easier to let it all go when reaching that certain age. No need to hoard past expectations of beauty and true romance cause there’s no way of returning to those precious moments long past.

There is some comfort knowing I am not alone in coping with the ravages of time. Basically it doesn’t matter in the greater scheme of things such as family, friends, good health and joyful endeavors. One of those joyful endeavors is getting to know oneself better with each passing day and letting go of everything you can’t take with you on the mysterious trip into infinity where the force of gravity will no long hold sway.

There is something to be done for the future. Take as much cash as possible out of the bank and squirrel it away before they close the doors and your money disappears into a very black hole. If you know about black holes – you know there is no return. It’s kinda like that gravity problem. Meanwhile google: banks deny withdrawals. It’s an interesting subject.

Medical Directives Are Very Important for Elderly

Wealthy folks with excellent health care and wishing to live forever may not find the joy in this information that prompted me to laugh and dance about with great happiness. I now feel so much better prepared for the future; Be Prepared has always been a highly respected motto.

I do not want under any circumstances to end up in the care of western medicine in a hospital or retirement home after having a stroke or heart attack. I’ve heard too many nightmare stories about way over 70 folks going into hospital with serious illness and coming out in much worse condition, particularly when on Medicaid. Often they end up in horribly depressing recovery elderly homes.

Have you visited one of these places where folks sit or lie around staring into space, eating horrible food with no quality recreation such as meditation and yoga therapy. Places where patients don’t even speak to each other when face to face at meal time. They are silent, pallid faced captives waiting to die. It is truly hideous.

I’ve had a medical directive for many years but always knew that in an emergency situation the EMTs attending my unconscious body would do everything to revive me and take me to hospital. Exactly what I do not want. A directive in my safety deposit box or a closet drawer was not going to do the job. Then I learned the process in other states and got busy creating it for myself since there is no statewide registry in New Mexico. They are a little behind on a lot of issues. to say the least.

In Oregon after your directive is recorded at your local hospital you receive a packet with various sized stickers and notices to put on your door and in your wallet and wherever responders might see your directive reference. So I brought the directive to my local hospital and they put it on file. Next I made up some notices in bold print which read as follows.

“Emergency Medical Directive
I have a medical directive that states: Do not resuscitate or take to hospital for any reason. The only assistance I want is pain meds if necessary. Copy of directive found at holy Cross Hospital, Centinel Bank safety deposit box and dresser drawer in closet.”

A copy of this statement is now taped to my front door and in a noticeable spot in my wallet. I feel prepared now for any eventuality. Sure hope it works; can’t imagine the alternative of living in a semi-vegetative state for the final days, weeks, years of my life.

I can’t believe anyone wants these circumstances yet millennials are very prone to allow family members to go through hellacious hospital experiences and/or to slowly rot in old age mausoleums. In this respect I am very fortunate. I have no living family members to imprison me in one place or another.

Of course it looks a little crazy for a very healthy person to have a notice of this nature taped to glass front door but that’s OK. Whatever is necessary to get the job done until there is a system here like exists in the very advanced state of Oregon. All states should have state wide registries. But somehow that might defeat the dreams of big pharma and western medicine in general.