HaHaHaHoHo Transforms Disease

I must remember to laugh more. Sometimes its not so easy in the insane word we navigate but then I remember it doesn’t need to be spontaneous, it can be created as an artificial expression and have great positive effects. LOL forever and ever. No better therapy in the world.

Laughter is the easiest, quickest method for achieving internal exercise almost effortlessly. I do enjoy the entertainers that make me laugh but I also know that manufactured laughter creates similar benefits by expanding one’s internal space. Perhaps I should post some reminders around the house: Laugh fool; the jokes on you! Laughter is remarkable therapy as Norman Cousins documented in Anatomy of an Illness where he tells of healing ankylosing spondylitis after Drs had given him 6 months to live.

He reasoned that if stress had made him ill, then laughter should make him feel better, and it did. Sometimes he was in extreme pain and couldn’t sleep but after 10 minutes of “bellyripping laughter” he could fall asleep. After 6 months of watching favorite comedies he was back at work and lived for 16 more years. What a powerful story; think about it: healing life threatening disease with laughter.

Why does laughter heal? The bottom line is expansion; expansion creates release, complete letting go. Internal release is important to well being and should be learned as a technique that can be applied anywhere under any circumstance. Science says laughter increases immune cell count, triggers the release of endorphins and lowers blood sugar levels.

Forced/pretended laughter quickly turns into the real thing. Try it out and notice how the waist expands with each sound. With a hearty laugh the entire body shakes. With all the horror in the world it might be a good idea to do this exercise from time to time throughout the day. It’s hard to feel sad or depressed while laughing.

Where does one find genuine laughter? Unfortunately sitcoms are not my thing. I’ve never been able to watch them. They all seem so forced and boringly strange. But Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Lewis Black, John Oliver, Robin Williams and many politicians cause the uncontrollable belly-laughts that send healing impulses throughout my tense and tightening body.

Of course my little dogs keep me giggling and most recently the little birdie that visited Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin filled me with joyful laughter and great hope. It renews a belief in miracles. Meanwhile, gotta keep laughing 24/7 in order to overcome the negativity in the world.