Acid vs Alkaline Controversy

Been thinking about Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg, and all the valuable work he did in physiology way back in the 1930s. He received his award in 1931 for research on cell respiration and was nominated for the award 2 other times for work on the origin of cancer; what this great genius discovered should be part of everyone’s dining habits.

Cancer thrives in an acidic environment. Yes, this is common knowledge in the medical world or at least it was back in the ’70 at the enormous 3 day Cancer Conference sponsored by Pir Viliayat Inayat Khan and the Sufi Order of the West. The conference was attended by what seemed to be 1000s, filling an enormous hall in an upscale hotel in midtown NYC. The speakers were the top cancer researchers in the world and they all had the same thing to say: CANCER CANNOT LIVE IN AN ALKALINE ENVIRONMENT.

The big running joke of the conference was: if it sinks you’re sunk referring to poop in the water. The speakers were careful to say it should rest just below the water line; not above or way below. I can find no reference to this conference online – I guess because it took place long before the internet became popular.

In today’s world there is much controversy regarding acid/alkaline balance in disease prevention, particularly cancer. As usual and always there are two sides to every question. So look at the research, various statistical relationships and in the final analysis let your intuition be your guide. And in the meantime you might try alkalizing your diet, particularly if you have reoccurring digestion or chronic bowel problems. It’s easy to check out by eliminating certain foods for a month or so and see if digestion discomforts improve. It would certainly be advised to take pro and pre biotics and eat onions, garlic, sweet potato and other foods that increase the good bacteria in the lower gut.

You might want to check out Herman Aihara’s Acid and Alkaline published in 1980 which covers all aspects of this subject. You will find it interesting to note that eggs, meat, cheese, whiskey and sugar are acid forming while vegetables, fruits, brown rice and coffee are alkaline forming. That is why the hippies in the East Village always served marvelous rice and veggie combos back in the ’60s.

I drink alkalized water and find it tastes so much better than normal water. It is smoother with a fuller body which makes a big difference when one must drink lots of water because of dehydration or other problems. And using Ph-strips to determine acidity proves most interesting.

I have been a vegetarian of sorts for many years; I eat no red meat of any kind and have not since 1960. I continue to be free of digestive problems at least to my knowledge, which is good enough for me. I’ve also had a reliable and highly functioning immune system all my life. I believe the absence of red meat has contributed to my good health. I also avoid all corn products in particular corn syrup and GMOs and I have never eaten fast food.